Sunday, June 8, 2008


In the course of doing research, I'm finding that I put together data from a number of sources, since the 'keepers of the data' for the industry (BRIS and Equineline) choose not to make the raw data of their database available at any price. In the course of putting data together for studies, I'm finding a lot of data that's interesting, without being valuable enough to justify asking people to pay for it.

I did a study on horses sold at yearling auctions compared to those sold at two year old auctions. Because I selected data from sales in consecutive years, there are actually some horses that were sold as yearlings in 1999, and then sold again as two year olds in 2000. I thought it might be interesting to look at those:

Capeless, 1999: $140,000, 2000: $50,000, Earned: $35,750
Cat Tracks, 1999: $150,000, 2000: $250,000, Earned: $85,262
De Rose Colony, 1999:$100,000, 2000: $250,000, Earned: $58,200
Fax and Go, 1999: $40,000, 2000: $675,000, Earned: $0
Fistfite, 1999: $150,000, 2000: $250,000, Earned: $158,183
Illusionary, 1999: $300,000, 2000: $360,000, Earned: $176,274
Lady Katie, 1999: $65,000, 2000: $30,000, Earned $152,728
Lady Victoriate, 1999: $130,000, 2000: $90,000, Earned: $48,405
Let's Behave, 1999: $110,000, 2000: $285,000, Earned: $294,029
Perfect Stranger, 1999: $90,000, 2000: $150,000, Earned: $159,690
Red Carpet, 1999: $375,000, 2000: $825,000, Earned: $37,760
Songandaprayer, 1999: $470,000, 2000:$1,000,000, Earned: $380,480

What can we learn from this? Probably not that much. The sample size is just too small, and even with a larger group it's not clear what we could conclude, since many horses bought with the intention of being resold may not have been successfully sold. The two things that stand out here are that the originally buyers of Fax and Go did an unbelievable job reselling a horse who ultimately never earned a penny on the track, and that while Songandaprayer was resold for a huge profit, his later buyers obviously got their money's worth if they held him until his stud career took off.

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