Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'll be writing a LOT more about this over the next few months, but wanted to post something to let everyone know about it right away. The world's first online bloodstock trading exchange is close to it's official launch. Blood-Ex will start with UK horses being listed, but plans to expand to the US and other countries later this year. Basically owners will put up shares in a horse's breeding rights for sale on the exchange, and traders will be able to buy and sell those shares. Each share is equal to 1/150th of 1% of the horses breeding rights. It comes with no obligations to pay for expenses, and no rights to any share of the horse's earnings on the track. Owner's who post shares to the exchange sign an agreement that they will eventually put the horse up for public auction in order to set a final value for the shares of the horse. For someone like myself who is fascinated both by horse racing and financial markets, this is exciting stuff, and I'll certainly be an active participant, and will post my thoughts on Blood-Ex here on an ongoing basis

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