Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some Updates

Thought I'd update people on a few things. As the baseball (and more importantly, fantasy baseball) season winds down, I'll have more time to work on racing and pedigree research. My new projects have gotten held up for a few reasons - lack of time, some difficulty getting ahold of the right data to do the studies properly, and most importantly, I went back to make some changes to the original study comparing the results of horses at different types of auctions. I showed the study to a few people, and the feedback from everyone was similar to my own opinion. "Great study, valuable results, but you need to factor in some sort of analysis of cost of ownership and ideally would include a wider variety of auctions". Since my goal is to provide the best research available anywhere, I'm working on making those changes. When I'm done the study will include a profitability analysis for each horse in the study, based on how many years they raced. It will also include some less 'elite' sales than those that were originally included.

I'm also looking for an update on something. Does anyone know what happened to Blood-Ex? They did their 'pilot launch' in June, and there hasn't been a peep out of them on their website or in the news since then. I emailed them several days ago, and didn't get a reply.

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Winston...not really said...

I think they folded. I have been checking in on their site occasionally and it looks abandoned.